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AniNet is a multifunctional, amateur anime application, the main advantage of which is a neural network that can individually for each, based on his personal preferences, pick up something new for viewing.

After looking at a huge amount of anime, we once faced with the problem of finding a new good one. Each time bumping into something already watched, forgotten or just a weekly thrash, the idea came up about creating this application. The main purpose of which is to help in finding something good, based on our Anime List.
Google Play version WITHOUT ONLINE WATCH
39,3 MB APK
App Features
Anime search

Search a database of more than 15,000 anime titles using a lokanic filter and tooltips in the search bar

Read anime info

Find new titles by the description of them, containing basic and important information such as: Popularity, Average rating, Release year, Type of title, Status, Number of episodes (how many of how many), Studio, Available dubbing, Genres, Related, Similar, Shots and comments by AniNet users

Possibility of online and offline viewing

Watch anime in the external or in the built-in functional player, after selecting the necessary dub/sub acting
Download series for offline watching

Smart anime suggester

Neural network anime selection based on what you watched earlier

And more, such as:

* Series release Calendar

* Seasonal anime lists

* Statuses: Watched / Plan / Ban

* Anime suggestions for friends

* Comparison of AnimeLists with friends

* Lists of all popular announcements and ongoings

* Responsive and intuitive user interface.